Free Membership – Interactive Project Advancement Site – Advance My Project

Written by: Shannon Snow

To sign up, visit and use code Launch 2017 to receive a free Silver Membership for a year!

Snow Consulting Services is excited to announce the launch of Advance My Project, a website designed to help businesses identify their project needs, and connect them directly with peers and vendors for both advice and quotes.

Advance My Project – or AMP – was born out of our direct need to create efficiency within our own company and with our clients. By coming together through an online community to provide quality advice and expertise, we will be able to provide better advice for clients and develop another pipeline to secure leads.

Some of the early features you can expect in AMP are:

  • A community of peers and vendors to discuss projects
  • Assistance developing the scope for a multitude of projects
  • A central library of project advancement resources

The site will be launching in Beta mode soon, and signing up now will allow you to take an active part in creating a product that is designed to increase efficiency in your organization.  Features planned to launch this summer include:

  • RFP and scoping generator
  • Worksheets, questionnaires, vendor lists, and more interactive tools
  • Automatic notifications when a post is created on a topic of interest to you
  • Integration with social media

Meeting Clients’ Needs

The primary reason for development of the site is to provide increased services to our clients. Often, we get calls from organizations that need a small amount of advice. We help them as much as we can, but some of these projects are not large enough to even justify putting a proposal together. As a small company we can’t afford to give all of our services away, and our smaller budgeted clients still need help.  Nobody wins.  This lead us to ask, how can we provide meaningful services to clients on a small scale? AMP will help us solve this by:

  • Creating a guided network of questions and forms, developed by our team and other professionals, to empower clients to find the answers to common questions that are most appropriate to their organization.
  • Connect clients to peers and experts to receive project related advice without requiring them to invest time in a formal meeting.
  • Assist clients with determining what additional services may be needed and help them secure these services through our virtual network of vetted professionals.

Streamlined Business Development

While we love seeing the people in our network, we can’t help but think there has to be a better way. In March, Rachel and I estimate that we had 30 one-on-one meetings. This paid off with several new contracts, but we will not be able to maintain this level of business development and still provide quality support. It is our belief that other vendors have this same problem, and AMP will help improve your prospect pipeline by:

  • Providing project-focused discussions that allows you to identify potential clients in your area and their level of interest before investing time in a business meeting.
  • Allowing you to establish an online relationship with potential new clients that may not have hit your radar otherwise.
  • Decreasing the amount of time you need to spend giving AMP clients “free” advice. As an AMP member, they will have access to a plethora of resources to help them understand what they are asking for before meeting with you.
  • Establishing you as a trusted professional in your field.
  • In the future, AMP will award badges or rankings for our members who contribute the most meaningful content. This will allow you to separate yourself from the competition in a vetted and meaningful way.
  • No fears – if it would hurt your business it would hurt ours so we will be keeping the site positive and productive. We are in this with you, which means that you benefit from the work we are putting in to improve our pipeline development process.

All of this being said, AMP is not intended to be:

  • A replacement for all business development activities. Effective use of AMP should make your face time with prospective clients more meaningful.
  • A relationship builder. You have to build the relationship, we are just giving you a really cool tool to identify the new relationships that need built.

We hope that you are as excited about the launch of AMP as we are, and we invite you to join us in the journey to build a tool that will help all of us be successful. To sign up, visit and use code Launch 2017 to receive a free Silver Membership for a year!

Shannon Snow is the Principal at Snow Consulting Services. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners who focuses in facilities planning and operational support.  She has over a decade of professional experience and founded Snow Consulting Services in 2016.